torstai 5. syyskuuta 2019

Holiday trip to Germany

When we have holiday it means that our dogs come, too. So it was this time also. We drove from Finland, through Sweden to Rügen island, Germany where we had a bungalow for a week.  It was amazing.

Our trip was home - Naantali (Finland) - Kappelskär (Sweden) - Trelleborg (Sweden) - Sassnitz (Germany) - Garz, Rügen (Germany). Finnlines's ferry left 10.45 a.m and we were in Sweden 6.15 p.m. The ferry from Naantali to Kappelskär had a very small "pee place" for dogs and as you can see our dogs didn't want to use it 😅

We drove over night to Trelleborg. Of course we had several stops so that our dogs could walk, drink and eat. Early in the morning we were in Trelleborg harbor and the ferry left 7.45 a.m. The journey took only 4h 15 minutes so we didn't have a cabin.

Finally we arrived to the bungalow that we had rented. What an awesome place. It had everything we needed: it was beautiful, clean, own garden and the owners were so nice. I was so happy I found this place 😍 I will put a link to their website in the end so if someone is interested I can recommend this place from the bottom of my heart.

The beaches around Rügen are stunning. Soft sand and many of them have space for dogs also. Water was warm and our dogs swam many times.
We visited so many places during this one week and everywhere people were crazy about them. When we opened our van it was funny. So many WOW! WOW! Can I take a photo, can I take a video and the the next 10 minutes paparazzi were surrounding our dogs. And our dogs were so patient, behaving so nice and letting people to pet and hug them. We are so proud of them. And so many new people fell in love with leonbergers 💓

Finally it was time to return home. It had been so awesome holiday. Same ferry trips back except that from Sweden came from Stockholm to Turku. We were tired but so happy 😍

Here is a link to the website where you can find the bungalow that we rented. It is in German language but you can write them also in English.

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